Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lynnderella Franken Swatches Part 1 (pic heavy!)

Ok guys. I'm finally going to be nice and give you what you want.  Lynnderella swatches! Click to view larger.

Up first is Shape Shifter over WnW Black Creme:  (1 coat of each I believe)

Sigh.  It's so gorgeous!  There are diamonds, large and small hex glitter, hearts, stars, so many shapes!  All super holographic!  It's hard to show in pix (hence the blurry photos) but it's VERY sparkly and rainbowey.  I have taken some HD video of this swatch, but my computer is old!  And not able to edit video.  I can't even watch them (these short nail swatch videos I've taken) on my computer!  It just jumps around and farts out on me. Even when I close all other applicatsions!  GAH! 

OK.  Technology rant over.

Here's the secone one.  It's called Mercurial.  Gorgeous light purple glitter, black glitter and gunmetal in clear base.  Again one coat (maybe it's 2?) over 1 coat of wnw black creme:

Last (but CERTAINLY NOT LEAST!!) is The Glittering Crowd.  This is my favorite multi glitter polish OF ALL TIME!!!!   It's got EVERYTHING in there!  So many colors, so many shapes, just.  Wow.  It's gorgeous.  And it IS ONE coat over black:

 Wow.  I took a LOT of pix didn't I?  LOL.

Hope you guys enjoyed seeing them!  It has also come to my attention recently that the lovely Ms. Lynnderella has finally put up a website and started selling polish!  OMG!  FINALLY!

They are, of course, already sold out!  ;)

But I'm sure if you stalk the page you can get your grubby little hands on some.
Check it out here.


Ok guys. I get SO MANY EMAILS AND COMMENTS asking me where to get Lynnderella polishes. And I totally understand why! But it's gotten so overwhelming to answer you all individually. I don't have time! lol

Lynn has her own blog (and blogsales) here.

And Llarowe sells her stuff here.

So go forth and buy tons of it! And make sure to tell 'em I sent ya!
Thanks for understanding! Lacquerish =0)