Wednesday, November 5, 2014

First use of 2014 Bundle Monster CYO

Here's my first attempt. Sort of a nerdy robot theme going on. I used BM-609, and BM-415. Apologies for the state of my cuticles, etc. I've been lazy and it's dry and cold where I am.

The stampers are interesting. I didn't snap a pic, but it's the set BM sells with 2 stampers and 2 scrapers. They both pick up fine. I prefer the silicone, personally, but the long rectangular shape is weird. Takes some getting used to. I did one hand with the new ones, and went back to my usual stamper after that.

Bundle Monster 2014 CYO 

Bundle Monster 2014 CYO

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Look at the new 2014 Bundle Monster CYO set

I'm loving the Bundle Monster CYO sets.  There's a few images in this new one that get me, for sure.  The skeleton cameo on BM-612, the dinosaurs on BM-611, the patchwork on BM-608, the birds on BM-614, and the buttons on BM-619.  A big shout out to the girls who submitted those especially.  You rock.

Also, I ordered these on Friday when they were released, and got them in the mail on Monday.  Cheers to you, Bundle Monster.  That was lightning fast!!

Now for a look at the pix:

So these are them. I'm about to try 'em out along with the stamper set I received for free as part of the promotion.  Will report back with thoughts on those and pix of a finished mani when I'm done.  Not to choose an image to use first....


Ok guys. I get SO MANY EMAILS AND COMMENTS asking me where to get Lynnderella polishes. And I totally understand why! But it's gotten so overwhelming to answer you all individually. I don't have time! lol

Lynn has her own blog (and blogsales) here.

And Llarowe sells her stuff here.

So go forth and buy tons of it! And make sure to tell 'em I sent ya!
Thanks for understanding! Lacquerish =0)