Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hello again & Halloween Manis

OMG has this post really been hiding in limbo this whole time!?!  *sigh*  oh well ,better late than never, right?  ....RIGHT!?!  lol

Hi guys.  I'll keep this short and sweet! =)

I'm still alive!  and I had a lot of fun playing with halloween manis!

Evidenced below:

Chartreuse grit and black glitter gradient
sorry if this looks gross, I was playing and kept adding stuff.  not really a *real* mani but it ended up looking cool so I snapped a couple pix.  thought I'd share! 
I realize these first 2 pix are slightly gross.  I was just playing around with this lynnderella polish I have and didn't do a proper mani or clean up.  But I thought it looked pretty cool so I thought I'd share!

Lynnderella Chartreuse Grit 1 coat over black

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sick of Tiger Yet?

Here's nother iteration of the tiger mani.
This time with holo.

China Glaze Spin Me Round with Tiger from Essence stampy plate
 I love this polish. It's a great palette cleanser but with flair!  haha, especially when you add my FAVORITE IMAGE FROM A STAMPY PLATE EVER!  lol.  Yea, kidna obsessed with this tiger print now.  I had a comforter years ago that I got for xmas that was tiger print.  It was from Delia*s and it was the coolest tiger print faux fur blanket EVER!  haha!  miss that thing.  I used it till it was ragged, of course!  And my bed looked like a pimped out pimp bed for that time....  =0P

Monday, April 2, 2012

Magnetic Tiger Mani Tutorial

So a little while back I had posted this mani on the boards and got *quite* the reaction. =0)

Magnetic Tiger Print Fauxnad Mani

Sure, me and the SO thought it looked cool, but when the rest of the world notices, it kinda feels nice.  Ya know, the rest of the world that is my online nail polish friends.  haha! Cause what other world is there?!

Anyhoo, I got a lot of questions about it so I though I'd do a little tutorial for it on the bloggie-blog.

So here we go, the Tiger Mani Tutorial begins...


Ok guys. I get SO MANY EMAILS AND COMMENTS asking me where to get Lynnderella polishes. And I totally understand why! But it's gotten so overwhelming to answer you all individually. I don't have time! lol

Lynn has her own blog (and blogsales) here.

And Llarowe sells her stuff here.

So go forth and buy tons of it! And make sure to tell 'em I sent ya!
Thanks for understanding! Lacquerish =0)