Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sick of Tiger Yet?

Here's nother iteration of the tiger mani.
This time with holo.

China Glaze Spin Me Round with Tiger from Essence stampy plate
 I love this polish. It's a great palette cleanser but with flair!  haha, especially when you add my FAVORITE IMAGE FROM A STAMPY PLATE EVER!  lol.  Yea, kidna obsessed with this tiger print now.  I had a comforter years ago that I got for xmas that was tiger print.  It was from Delia*s and it was the coolest tiger print faux fur blanket EVER!  haha!  miss that thing.  I used it till it was ragged, of course!  And my bed looked like a pimped out pimp bed for that time....  =0P

China Glaze Spin Me Round with Tiger from Essence stampy plate

Holy Holo Tiger Batman!

Isn't it so cool!?!

So, yeah, expect more of these....  =0)


  1. Ohhh I'll never get tired of tiger print with a combo like this! Stunning!

  2. That.is.awesome! I want that polish! :(

  3. I need this plate! Is it readily available in the US?

    1. Hey ashley! I'm so sorry I forgot to say where to get this plate- It's from the Essence Nail Art Display- I found one at my grocery store (Fred Meyer). I've been stocking up on them though, so if anyone needs/wants one I can probably get one to you! They're only $2 so if you're in the US I can ship it to you for $3? Let me know if anyone is interested! =)



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