Friday, October 29, 2010

Candy Mani

So, I've seen other girlies doing this "Candy Corn" mani and thought I'd try it out for myself! 

I used the neon orange LA Colors polish I found at the Dollar Tree along with white and yellow LA colors Art Deco stripers.  It worked out OK, but could have been better.

On my left hand I used white under the yellow stripe to give it some more oompfh.  I thought that since the yellow was kind of sheer that it would look better that way. 

For my right hand, I wanted to see how it would look without it. 

Which do you prefer?  I actually like it better more muted and in the future will abort and leave out the white layer underneith.

What are you guys doing for halloween- anything fun? 


Ok guys. I get SO MANY EMAILS AND COMMENTS asking me where to get Lynnderella polishes. And I totally understand why! But it's gotten so overwhelming to answer you all individually. I don't have time! lol

Lynn has her own blog (and blogsales) here.

And Llarowe sells her stuff here.

So go forth and buy tons of it! And make sure to tell 'em I sent ya!
Thanks for understanding! Lacquerish =0)