Sunday, November 14, 2010

Chocolate Zebra (ChG Ingrid + FYI Konad)

I love China Glaze Ingrid.  I really love it.  It's brown, but it's almost taup-ey. It's NOT a red based brown. Not that there's anything wrong with that...
I just like this kind better!  ;0)
Well, what do you think?
See how it's kind of a neutral brown?

Look at that golden shimmer!

Ingrid is definitely my favorite brown polish!
So, yeah. I started out with Ingrid. 
Then, as happends to me all too often, I got bored.

Shortly thereafter, this happened:

China Glaze Ingrid and China Glaze FYI from the OMG collection.

I LOVE FYI!  It's a pretty neutral holo polish and it was my first Dusty find!
So there you have it.  I may even get bored of this accent nail thing and go all the way with the zebra stripey goodness.  We'll see. 

For now, anyway, I'm in love with my Chocolate Zebra nails!  Waddya think?


Ok guys. I get SO MANY EMAILS AND COMMENTS asking me where to get Lynnderella polishes. And I totally understand why! But it's gotten so overwhelming to answer you all individually. I don't have time! lol

Lynn has her own blog (and blogsales) here.

And Llarowe sells her stuff here.

So go forth and buy tons of it! And make sure to tell 'em I sent ya!
Thanks for understanding! Lacquerish =0)