Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bundle Monster Image Plate Storage Solution!

OK.  Since I went from 4 Konad plates to 25 (including the 21 new BM plates) in ONE DAY, I needed a storage solution.  Especially since the BM plates are kinda sharp and not that nice to handle.
And I tell ya what, a stack of 21 image plates (even though they're a little thinner than the Konad ones) is HEAVY!  =0)

So, I asked the girls on MUA what they do, and I got a few good ideas.  One girl said she uses a business card file.  AND she told me that they could be had at the Dollar Tree, no less.  Thanks Love8Brain!

So, I checked...and there they were!  And she was right- the openings fit my image plates perfectly.

Business card file-$1 at DT holds BM and Konad plates perfectly!

This thing holds 72 business cards- but that's front to back.  I figured the image plates should be one per side...but that leaves the other side to hold a business card with the images stamped onto it for reference:

This is the front page....

And these plates match the images on the cards...cool, eh?

here's more...

And another...
So get thee to a Dollar Tree STAT! And enjoy your new BM/Konad plate file folder thingey and your new life as an organized zen like master of the clutter. Haha. Just kidding!

We can all try though, can't we?  =0)


  1. OOOOO, this is such a good idea :) I need to try this out some day ^^
    Right now, I keep all of my Konad (Stamper, scraper, and like... 7 IP's) in this little (tiny, tiny, tiny) tin suitcase that my friend won at the arcade :P It actually works pretty well ^^

  2. Neat idea, bet it saves so much time! xx

  3. What are other ways to store the image plates ?

  4. Well, you can use a regular CD case- get one at the dollar tree, etc. Or use one you have lying around. Or (again at the DT) you can also use something called name badge sleeves or something? They are small single sleeves in a pack of 10 or so at DT. These are great because they hold the slightly larger octagonal plates and you can also shuffle them around and change the order of them easily. Hope this helps! Thanks for reading! I'll have new posts soon! Just a busy bee! xD

  5. This is brilliant! I store mine in my desk drawer and Bundle Monster's razor edges keep cutting into the finish.

  6. wow what a great idea! i've been lookin and lookin but couldnt find anything! awesome!



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