Saturday, January 29, 2011

Thoughts on OPI Black Shatter

Katy Perry + OPI = Nail Polish Heaven
Yeah. I am a child of the 80s.  Yeah. I wore hot pink spandex leggings with big baggy t-shirts on top. 

Guilty as charged.

So, of course, when OPI released their version of a crackle nail polish I rushed out to ULTA the day it was released to get my greedy little hands on it.  With coupons, of course. ;0)

Hear me when I say- it does not disappoint!

It's called Black Shatter, and it's been released (as if you guys didn't know already) as part of the Katy Perry collection for OPI.  The company also partnered up with Serena Williams to bring us a set with both "Simply Smashing" (an almost tennis ball green) along with Black Shatter together.

I LURVE black shatter.  I think the way it crackles is PERFECT.  Really. You've seen pix of other crackle polishes, the way you can't really see the polish color underneath.  This one is different. 

Honestly, it all depends on the way you apply it, so if you aren't getting the results  you want, try it again with more or less polish on the brush.  I find, however, that with one moderate coat I get the effect I'm looking for. 

Exhibit A:

This combination was created using two polishes from Sinful.  The hot pink (wisely chosen by my BF, actually) is Sinful "Fasion Neon."  That's how it's spelled on the bottle, anyway.  *snort*

The pink glitter polish is Sinful's "I Miss Yuo."  *rolls eyes*  Seriously.  I'm couldn't make this stuff up, folks.  Both of these polishes are misspelled on their labels.  Unless there's some joke I'm just not getting... ;0)  It's a discontinued color, but you might have it hiding out in your stash somewhere, or you may be able to swap for it on MUA.  For $1.99, honestly, it's a very pretty and fun polish.  I personally, will probably only wear it under BS.  Same with the hot pink (Fashion Neon).  I'm just not a pink person, but the pink and black combo looks so chic next to all the grey clothes I wear all the time.  It's a welcome pop of color and really lifts me up whenever I look at my hands!

Anyway, I think this combo is AWESOME!  The pink glitter (I Miss [You]) is very similar to one of the other OPI's from the Katy Perry collection called "Teenage Dream."  Except I didn't have to spend $8.50 on it.  In fact, I got this gorgeous polish for free just by asking the most generous people on freecycle Portland if they had any polish they didn't want!  Thank you portland nail polish lovers!  You've gifted me with some wonderful old stuff that I couldn't get anywhere else! 

And just for fun, here's a little skittles look I did when I was first playing around with it:

Thumb: Milani Hi-Tech;  L-R: OPI Blue Moon Lagoon, Zoya Trixie, China Glaze He's Going In Circles, and DV8.
These are all holographic (except for Zoya trixie on my middle finger).  I thought I'd like the way a holo polish looked peeking out from the black.  Honestly, though, it was barely noticeable.  The BF even said he thought it would look best over a neon polish.  Hence the hot pink!  haha! 

Cause, you know. Real men like pink. Right?  =0)

The one and only thing I'll say about BS that could be a negative is that it dries SOOOOOO fast that it makes it a little bit hard to work with.  It can get clumpy on the brush before you're even done painting one hand.  I have a feeling I'll need to clean off the neck almost every time I use it for fear of getting little dried clumpies in the bottle.  It is, however, worth all the trouble in my opinion!

Wadda you guys think?  Loving it?  Hating it?  Waiting on the China glaze crackles to make up your mind? 

Cause, you know. Real men like pink. Right?  =0)


  1. Love it! I need to get a bottle! I agree, it looks awesome over the bright pink!

  2. Rawr! At first I didn't really want to buy Black Shatter because I didn't like the look... you convinced me :) Next time I see it I am going to buy it! lol

    P.S. I see you have DV8 by China Glaze.. I envy you ;) I want that polish so bad :/ It looks great against your skintone BTW :)

  3. -The peach: you DO need it! LOL I love enabling ppl to buy polish!

    -Kelly: Awh! I'm sorry! haha... I was kinda the same. I thought it might be lame. But I LURVE it!!! Keep searching for DV8. I recently found it in a dusty for $4 almost full! Deals are out there!

    I ♥ You guys!!!!

  4. Wow, and omg wow! I love how you did them with an accent nail so cool. Just goes to show you don't need long nails to have beautiful nails. awesome job, I'm officially stalking you now btw lol (plz don't have me arrested I really ment following you)

  5. awh... thanks! lol. and hell yes short nails can be beautiful! But dammit! I want mine to GROW out a LITTLE! XD



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