Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Holy Holo Leopard, Batman!

I went a little crazy the other day. 

And did an all holographic mani that included leopard print!  =)

Wanna See...?

Konad M57, Gosh Holographic, CC Revvolution, ChG DV8

See?  Do you SEE that RAINBOW!?!
 More pix after the jump!

Konad M57, Gosh Holographic, CC Revvolution, ChG DV8

Couldn't help myself. The blues/greens are my fav in holo polishes!
So, for this crazy awesome look, I used my GOSH holographic as a base (well, I used Nfu Oh aqua base first!), then I stamped the leopard from Konad plate M57 with Color Club Revvvolution, then I added some teal dots with China Glaze DV8. *few!*

I think it turned out pretty awesome sauce.  What do you guys think?  Are you all as crazy for leopard and holo as I am?  I mean, I love them each separately, but together!?  ahhhh, together they're truly heavenly.

Btw- an update for those of you who were nice enough to send good vibes our way for my kitty Hunter.  He had a much better day today.  Still pretty tired and slow, but he's eating and his tummy wasn't upset like yesterday.  So a big THANK YOU is in order to all my girls out there. 

Hunter gives you all 2 paws up and big sloppy kisses! 


  1. So gorgeous! I want holographic polish so much but it's super expensive =(

  2. What are stamps? I see you using them in your awesome pictures but i dont understand how they work or where to get them! haha help? Thanks so much.

    1. my bad, Courtney! The "stamps" I'm referring to are Konad or what's called Fauxnad. If you google it you'll get an idea of what's involved. Basically, there are these thin metal plates with the designs etched into them (with lasers!). What you do is fill the design in with polish, scrape away the excess polish with a metal scraper (but a gift card works better for me!), then transfer the design onto a silicone stamper by pressing down on the image. You then have the "stamp" on your silicone stamper and can transfer it to your nails. Sounds harder than it is, really! It's a great way to be able to achieve more complicated looking manis without the trouble or expense of stickers- and it wears like polish cause it IS polish, and it's way more versatile since you can basically use whatever colors you already have. Instead of buying 1 single type of image on a nail sticker type thing and you're stuck with that one image and when it wears off your nails, you just spend $9 or so on a SINGLE mani! So, Konad is the way to go!
      Tip: Search 'NAIL ART IMAGE PLATE" on you'll find inexpensive sets from companies like Bundle Monster, MASH, and CHEEKY. Some of them even come with a stamper and scraper so all you have to supply is the polish! Hope this helps! =0)



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