Friday, September 7, 2012

Sinful Polar Opposites Magnetic Nail Polish

Sinful magnetic polish
Sinful Polar Opposites duochrome magnetic polish!!!!!
OMG, this polish is so awesome! Lol.

I thought I was over magnetics for now. We've seen so many of them from almost every brand including china glaze, wet n wild, Layla, random grocery store brands, Sally Hansen, etc.

This, however, my friends, is something I at least, had not seen. A magnetic polish that is also a wonderful glittery shimmery DUOCHROME.

Yup, you read that right. Sinful Polar Opposites is a Duochrome Magnetic polish!!! "Duochrome Magnetic polishes EXIST!?!?" Yes, dear reader, they do now. And FYI, sinful has done a pretty bang up job on this one. Amazingly, for a five dollar bill, you could be the proud new owner of such a beauteous lacquer, too! =0)


Sinful magnetic polish

Sinful magnetic polish
OMG LOOK at that color shift! I love this!!!
Can you see the beautiful blue to teal to purple shift going on here!? I saw these recently at Target and at first didn't think I'd pick any up. Then I saw this little gem. I could tell even in the store lighting that it would be a beaut. Boy was I right! I love this polish, can you tell!? =0)

It has your typical grey magnetic particles and chatoyance, but the polish you see everywhere else on the nail is a beautiful blue-ish teal-ish shimmer. I don't think it's quite a glitter polish, but maybe more of a heavy glass fleck? I'm not positive- I'm terrible at naming finishes. =0P What I do know is it took a little bit of elbow grease to remove.

The amazing part, though, is the color shift. This baby changes from the blue teal colors to purple at some angles/ in some light. It's just so cool. And I found it to be reasonably strong, too. Not a super shy duo like some others out there. Yay!

Sinful magnetic polish
Woah, baby!

Sinful magnetic polish
See that gorgeous teal shimmer/glitter? =love!
The other great thing about this polish, aside from the gorgeous color, duochrome quality, and the awesome price point, is the magnet they include with it. I didn't think to snap a pic (my bad, totally! I can if you want me to!!!), but it's basically a plastic ring that comes attached to the cap. It's super strong so the design comes out crisp and nice, and it's just so convenient to use! Keep it on your finger, then when it's time, swing it around and use it, then flip it back to get it out of the way. You won't drop it, and the whole thing takes less time, I find. Awesome!

No, sinful did not send me free polish nor pay me for this review. I just loved this polish so much I had to share. =0)

Next up, playing with the new China Glaze magnet 2.0. Should be fun, and I promise to take lots of pics!

What do you guys think!? Are you LOVING the idea of a magnetic duo? Or are you just sick of magnetics altogether??


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